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    Mini Cable Hoist

    Cable Hoists Small

    Features: Cost effective electric hoist for light-duty use. Both single and double-line lifting applications are easy to configure. Hand pendant control cord is 5' long. Requires 115V AC power source for operation.
    From $190.95
    Electric Wire Rope Hoists -EWR-RMSM

    Electric Hoists w/ Wire Rope

    Features Large capacity for multiple types of loads. Has a Long lifting span. Low and normal headroom design configurations. Single or double reeved.
    From $14,933.87
    Hand Chain Hoists HCH

    Hand Operated Chain Hoists

    Hand chain hoist are portable, lightweight hoists are durable and easy to operate. Compact design and low headroom allow installation in confined areas. Enclosed double ratchet pawls with self adjusting disc brake standard. Designed with a safety factory 4 times rated capacity. Individually tested at 150% rated capacity. Features grade 80 black chain tempered to ISO 3077, pull chain, hardened two-stage gears and forged steel upper and lower hooks with safety latches. Constructed of high quality steel components ideal for industrial applications. Meets ANSI B30.16-2003 requirements.
    From $132.87
    Electric Chain Hoist High Speed ECH-ED

    High Speed Electric Chain Hoist

    Electric chain hoist offers the ability to lift heavy loads with ease and precision. Can be easily installed, transported and offers high lifting speed. Features double braking system for added protection and heavy-duty motor for industrial applications. Hoist includes a high performance friction clutch to prevent over-winding
    $6,727.09 $6,188.92
    Steel Electric Chain Hoist - ECH-50M-6-1PH

    Manipulator Style Control Electric Chain Hoist

    Manipulator style control is for maximum operator comfort and control. Features online hand grip which allows one handed operation. Adjustable speeds are perfect solution for many product handling problems. Compact die cast aluminum body is lightweight is effective in handling.
    $7,804.25 $7,179.91
    Storage bag for the professional and economy lever hoist - BAG-12

    16 Pocket Tool Storage Bag For Economy Lever Hoist

    Canvas Additional 16 Pocket Tool Storage Bag For Economy Lever Hoist Models Green/Gold. This is a sixteen (16) pocket tool storage bag for the professional and economy lever hoist. Adjustable shoulder strap and two (2) grip handles.
    Storage bag for the professional and economy lever hoist
    Sixteen (16) pocket tool storage bag for maximum usage
    Adjustable shoulder strap and two (2) grip handles for easy transportation
    Ideal bag size for multiple item storage
    $47.81 $43.99
    Electric Chain Hoists - ECH

    Chain Hoist - Electric

    Features: Electric chain hoist is rugged in order to endure large capacities. Hoist has the power to handle most industrial lifting applications. Push-button up/down hand control are for fatigue free applications. Chain can be stored overhead to keep from interfering with operation.
    From $5,090.93
    Chain Hoist and Trolley Combination Low Headroom - LOW

    Chain Hoist/Trolley Combo for Low Headroom

    Features a compact design that works well in locations where more headroom is required. Has a heavy-duty industrial steel construction provides long lasting use. Chain hoist features ten foot of vertical lift. Bright orange color for strong visibility
    From $331.93
    Air Powered Chain Hoists ACH

    Chain Hoists - Air Powered

    Air powered hoist can be used as a workstation or a production line hoist. Lightweight, rugged, and compact design for ease of portability. Perfect for most air hoist lifting applications. Has a variable flow, two lever pendant for precise load spotting
    Non-Sparking Chain Hoists - HCH-NS

    Chain Hoists - Non-Sparking

    Hoist features a high weight capacity for heavy lifting. High lift height for use in an assortment of areas. Compact design for simple storage after use. Manual design for precise positioning.