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Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes

 Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes

Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes are designed for use in multiple locations, includes jib crane and one base socket. Extra base sockets may be purchased for use in other locations. Friction brake design allows positive locking and controlled rotation of heavy loads. 360 degree continuous rotation of heavy loads. Handle most applications up to 1,000 lbs. 6" high I-beam with 4" flange width. Rugged welded steel construction. Requires reinforced concrete pad for installation.  
From $2,127.38
Tie Rod Jibs

 Tie Rod Jibs

Tie Rod jib cranes have up to a 2,000 lb. capacity. Cranes design achieves maximum floor space and utilizes wasted air space. Mount to walls or columns for optimal results. Ideal to increase hook coverage over workstations. Cranes all steel construction provides years of service. 
From $546.94
Wall Jibs

 Wall Jibs

Wall mount jib design assists workers in the maneuvering of materials. Achieves maximum headroom where low ceilings are of concern. Cantilever style jib mounts to true vertical wall members. Increase personnel productivity by lifting awkward material capacities.
Wall Mounted Jib cranes have up to a 2,000 lb. Capacity
From $862.46
Floor Mounted Jibs

Floor Mounted Jibs

Fixed height Floor mounted Jib cranes with up to 4,000 lb. capacity. Full rotation allows personnel to completely utilize their workstation. Solid steel construction will assist workers in lifting awkward material. Reinforced concrete pad is ideal for installation.
Color Blue
From $1,173.34

Hitch Mounted Jib Crane

Hitch mounted jib crane can be mounted on pickup truck hitches or other vehicle hitches. Crane can mount in standard Class III or higher 2" receivers. Installation and use requires no modifications to receiver or truck.
From $767.37
Portable Jib Cranes

Portable Jib Cranes

Concrete filled base portable Jib Cranes have up to 1,000 lb. Capacity. Jib Cranes design allows for easy transportation with a fork truck. Fill standard base with concrete for proper use. Upright vertical column bolts to base for optimal efficiency. Steel construction for strength and durability.
From $2,629.92
Portable Offset Jib Cranes

Portable Offset Jib Cranes

Jib cranes design allows for larger usable work area beneath I-beam. Concrete filled base for immediate use. The upright vertical column bolts to base for optimal efficiency. All steel construction for strength and durability
From $2,806.86
Mini Overhead Jib Cranes

Overhead Cantilever Jibs - Mini

Mini Overhead Cantilever Jibs work well in cells and work areas. Design allows to be mounted underneath a work bench. Easily lift product from cart to workbench. Steel construction with a painted blue finish
Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs

Extra Travel Tri-Post Jibs

Travel Tri Post Jib cranes with up to 2000 lb. Capacity