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Vestil Manufacturing Corporation is an industry leader in the production and distribution of material handling equipment. They feature over 1,000 different product lines, many of which are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We stand behind our products with people that listen to our customer’s needs and find the best solution for their application. We deliver value to our customers by engineering new designs and products which increase productivity, improve workplace ergonomics, and decrease worker injury. We provide a broad product line to our customers in an efficient manner allowing for the best possible customer experience.

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Mini Cable Hoist

Cable Hoists Small

Features: Cost effective electric hoist for light-duty use. Both single and double-line lifting applications are easy to configure. Hand pendant control cord is 5' long. Requires 115V AC power source for operation.
From $190.95
Electric Wire Rope Hoists -EWR-RMSM

Electric Hoists w/ Wire Rope

Features Large capacity for multiple types of loads. Has a Long lifting span. Low and normal headroom design configurations. Single or double reeved.
From $14,933.87
Hand Chain Hoists HCH

Hand Operated Chain Hoists

Hand chain hoist are portable, lightweight hoists are durable and easy to operate. Compact design and low headroom allow installation in confined areas. Enclosed double ratchet pawls with self adjusting disc brake standard. Designed with a safety factory 4 times rated capacity. Individually tested at 150% rated capacity. Features grade 80 black chain tempered to ISO 3077, pull chain, hardened two-stage gears and forged steel upper and lower hooks with safety latches. Constructed of high quality steel components ideal for industrial applications. Meets ANSI B30.16-2003 requirements.
From $132.87
Electric Chain Hoist High Speed ECH-ED

High Speed Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist offers the ability to lift heavy loads with ease and precision. Can be easily installed, transported and offers high lifting speed. Features double braking system for added protection and heavy-duty motor for industrial applications. Hoist includes a high performance friction clutch to prevent over-winding
$6,727.09 $6,188.92
Steel Electric Chain Hoist - ECH-50M-6-1PH

Manipulator Style Control Electric Chain Hoist

Manipulator style control is for maximum operator comfort and control. Features online hand grip which allows one handed operation. Adjustable speeds are perfect solution for many product handling problems. Compact die cast aluminum body is lightweight is effective in handling.
$7,804.25 $7,179.91
Manhole Guard Rails

 Manhole Guard Rails

The manhole guard rail is perfect for utility maintenance and city officials or anybody wanting to climb down into a hole. The easy set up and take down promotes quick use when on the go and a compact storage when not in use. High rails and an attaching chain limit access and promote safety to the worker in the enclosed area. A brightly colored high strength construction makes the unit highly visible, giving caution to pedestrians and other workers to keep their distance.
From $263.39
Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes

 Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes

Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes are designed for use in multiple locations, includes jib crane and one base socket. Extra base sockets may be purchased for use in other locations. Friction brake design allows positive locking and controlled rotation of heavy loads. 360 degree continuous rotation of heavy loads. Handle most applications up to 1,000 lbs. 6" high I-beam with 4" flange width. Rugged welded steel construction. Requires reinforced concrete pad for installation.  
From $2,127.38
Tie Rod Jibs

 Tie Rod Jibs

Tie Rod jib cranes have up to a 2,000 lb. capacity. Cranes design achieves maximum floor space and utilizes wasted air space. Mount to walls or columns for optimal results. Ideal to increase hook coverage over workstations. Cranes all steel construction provides years of service. 
From $546.94
Wall Jibs

 Wall Jibs

Wall mount jib design assists workers in the maneuvering of materials. Achieves maximum headroom where low ceilings are of concern. Cantilever style jib mounts to true vertical wall members. Increase personnel productivity by lifting awkward material capacities.
Wall Mounted Jib cranes have up to a 2,000 lb. Capacity
From $862.46
Storage bag for the professional and economy lever hoist - BAG-12

16 Pocket Tool Storage Bag For Economy Lever Hoist

Canvas Additional 16 Pocket Tool Storage Bag For Economy Lever Hoist Models Green/Gold. This is a sixteen (16) pocket tool storage bag for the professional and economy lever hoist. Adjustable shoulder strap and two (2) grip handles.
Storage bag for the professional and economy lever hoist
Sixteen (16) pocket tool storage bag for maximum usage
Adjustable shoulder strap and two (2) grip handles for easy transportation
Ideal bag size for multiple item storage
$47.81 $43.99
304 Stainless Steel Frame Pallet Truck - PM5-2748-SFF

304 Stainless Steel Frame Pallet Truck 61" x 27" x 48" 5500 Lb. Capacity Silver

Uniform Capacity (lb.): 5500
Overall Fork Width (in.): 27
From $2,128.27
304 Stainless Steel Pallet Truck - PM5-2748-SS

304 Stainless Steel Pallet Truck 62" x 27" x 48" 5500 Lb. Capacity Silver

Uniform Capacity (lb.): 5500
Overall Fork Width (in.): 27
From $3,413.10
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